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Being a session guitar player, and having worked in the production with many other artists,
Simone has collected great credits...
Here is what some of those people have to say about him and his work:

"Simone`s talent allows him to foresee a final song from a sketch,
like painters envision portraits from people`s faces

(Steve Vai - solo artist, guitar player for Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake and others)

"Simone has been working on my music for a long time,
starting from the rough ideas and taking them into the final CD
(Billy Sheehan- solo artist, bass player for Mr. Big, David Lee Roth, Talas, Niacin and others)

"Simone is a highly accomplished musician who can effortlessly transcend many genres,
from simple acoustic to techno

(Julia Fordham - solo artist)

"I have worked with Simone for many years, and we have written, performed and produced a lot of music together, always delivered on time and with a great quality"
(Saverio Principini- songwriter, bass player and U.S. production manager for
Eros Ramazzotti, Vasco Rossi and Laura Pausini)

"Each time Simone and I jam together, fully arranged songs sprout right there,
on the spot: too bad we can`t catch them on tape all the time!

(Mark Giovi - session singer, production manager for Aaron Carter)

"Simone has always delivered the tracks we asked him well arranged and refined,
often working against unfair deadlines!

(Doug Stebleton - publisher and owner of Kid Gloves` Music)

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