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About our music productions:

At MusicDemoProducer.com, your music ideas become
professional music demos which sound like records!

Here below are some examples of how song ideas sounded before we put our music production effort into them, and how they have become, afterwards: you can download them in mp3 format, or listen to them, by simply clicking on the links here below.

Please keep in mind that we look forward to hearing your directions, af far as where you want to take the sound of your music demo, so please do not hesitate to give us suggestions, describing your favourite artists or records as references for us to follow, if you feel like it...

For instance, you can use Coldplay, Rihanna, Metallica`s "Nothing Else Matters", Elvis Presley, Bruno Mars, Pink Floyd`s "Dark Side Of The Moon", Eminem, Foo-Fighters, Ke$ha`s "We R Who We R", King Crimson, Pat Metheny, Madonna, whoever you can think of, as examples on how you want us to shape your songs...
You can also use labels such as "Nu Metal, sophisticated in the style of Evanescence" or "Contemporary Pop/R&B like Beyoncé" or "Aggressive rap, more rock based than Eminem but not quite like The Muse " or "Mainstream radio Dance/Pop, in between Lady Gaga and Usher "...

We want our music production to be at the service of your sound!

Song Example #1 The Other Side of My Heart (L. Zanna)

Song Example #2 What I wouldn`t Give (A. Miller)

Song Example #3 I`ll Be Your Friend (L. Zanna)

Song Example #4 Beautiful Girl (G. Knowles)

Song Example #5 Two Wings (L. Zanna)

When you send us your scratch tape or cd, with your suggestions on how you want it to sound AND your contact information, we will start working on the production and send you a short "mp3 proof" of what we`re doing after just a few days (usually one week or less). If you like the direction we`ve taken, we will continue the job, while if you want any changes, we will make those, trying to accomodate your comments, and send you another mp3. After we receive your payment, we will send you the full, completed arrangement, on an audio CD.

We accept money orders, personal checks and credit cards through PayPal!

email us at info@musicdemoproducer.com

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