Depending on your artistic and budget needs, we can deliver different versions of your songs, more or less sophisticated, always at very competitive prices and with the same high quality!

For delivering you a great sound, we use state of the art equipment of various kinds, such as:
• Vintage and modern Fender, Gibson, Music Man, Yamaha and Ibanez electric guitars and basses; Trameleuc and Martin acoustic guitars
• Mesa/Boogie Road King, Maverick and Dual rectifier guitar amps; Ampeg bass amp
• Apple computers, with Yamaha, M-Audio and Digidesign ProTools sound cards; Steinberg Cubase, Emagic Logic Pro and other kinds of software
• Yamaha 02r digital board
• Apogee A/D converters and preamps, and Avalon preamps
• Audio Technica, Neumann, Shure and Sennheiser microphones
• Vintage and modern hardware sound modules of many kinds,
along with virtual instruments and samplers
• Huge sound libraries, many custom made sounds

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