Package #2a: Full arrangement (instrumental)
A final demo version of your song, professionally performed with a full rhythm section featuring guitars, real or synth bass, keyboards, all kinds of samples and drum machines


Mp3 Example #1:
The Other Side Of My Heart
(pop dance version, instrumental)
Please note how the same song we found in Packages #1a and 1b assumes a totally different behaviour! Here the arrangement gives it a very well defined European pop dance flavour... Some of the synths have been programmed with Native Instrument`s "Reaktor", while we always feature real live guitars.

Mp3 Example #2:
Don`t You Wanna
(nu-metal, instrumental)

Just as a demonstration of how many different styles can be easily approached, here`s the Mp3 of Suzee Rock`s "Don`t You Wanna", an interesting mixture of contemporary heavy rock sounds enriched with techno and Drum&Bass elements.
The guitar parts are played on a baritone, through a Mesa-Boogie amp.